Veganuary 2024

It’s that time again! Why not try a Vegan Diet for the month of January? There are so many good reasons to just do it!

Veganuary 2024

Have you ever thought about trying a Vegan Diet? Veganuary 2024 is the time to take action.

You may wonder if a vegan diet will be better for your health. Perhaps you are horrified by what happens to animals within the intensive farming system and no longer want to support it? There are many reasons why people choose a vegan diet. A previous blog – why veganism is good for health, animals and the planet touches on some of the wider concerns and reasons why people choose to adopt a Vegan diet.

There’s no better time to explore this than Veganuary 2024! It only requires a one month commitment which is totally doable! You could actually find you enjoy the diet once you find out how tasty and healthy it can be.

There’s no need to reinvent your whole diet to change to a vegan one.

You are only eliminating animal products which leaves an enormous amount of food for you to choose from. The perception that it will be difficult or boring is far from the truth. If you check your pantry and fridge there’s a good chance much of your food is actually vegan already!
Most pasta, rice, peanut butter, most breads, canned tomatoes, chickpeas, baked beans, jams and even Oreo cookies are vegan to name a few. You will also be eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, which can only be good for your health.

You can buy most of your vegan foods at the supermarket

Many vegan “meat” products are now readily available. If you are used to having sausages and beans for example, you just swap to a vegan sausage.
There are some great plant- based “meat” products out there, and all now available in the supermarket. Because more people are eating at least some plant-based meals, supermarkets are catering for the increased demand.

It’s a good idea to plan your meals and snacks for the week and make a list of the vegan foods or ingredients you need to buy

Have a think about what you want to eat the first week and make a shopping list of any vegan foods you need to buy.  At the supermarket, you will spend a bit of time reading food labels to ensure the products you are buying don’t have any animal products in them. (I also try to avoid products with palm oil, due to the environmental damage this causes.)
You will find product labels stating that there may be ‘traces’ of milk or other non-vegan foods in the product. This means it was processed using machinery that also processes non vegan products, but no animal products are added to the product during production. Whether you want to exclude these food items is your choice. If you do, you may find it more difficult to find vegan foods you can buy.
Likewise, some vegans don’t eat honey while others do, but at this initial stage, I wouldn’t get too hung up on these details.

You can “Veganize” your existing recipes

With a little bit of thought it’s surprisingly easy! Just replace non vegan ingredients with vegan ingredients.

If you feel overwhelmed or that it is too daunting for you, just try some vegetarian or vegan meals and recipes. Why not make one vegan or plant based meal a day. You can increase the amount of plant based eating you are comfortable with at your own pace.

Check out my blog on transitioning to a Vegan diet.

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So don’t be afraid to try the Vegan challenge this Veganuary 2024. Try it for 30 days and who knows… might be the start of your first vegan year! Good luck and enjoy!

More information on the Veganuary challenge

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