Reusable garbage bag – Tombag

Recycling plastic is a much better option than throwing it away, so a reusable garbage bag made of recycled plastic bottles is a clever and innovative solution to reducing the amount of plastic waste

Reusable garbage bag – Tombag

Recycling plastic is a much better option than throwing it away!

Tombag is a reusable garbage bag made of recycled plastic bottles. It is a clever and innovative solution to collect your garbage sustainably. It is the next level in getting rid of single use plastic waste!

Plastic cant be composted and although it breaks down in the environment, it remains as micro and nano plastic particles. Plastic waste often finds its way into the ocean and causes great suffering and often fatal outcomes for sea life.

We need to keep single use plastic waste out of the environment

Micro plastic particles have been found in the deepest depths of the ocean and in the most remote corners of the world. These particles are carried on the wind and everyone has breathed in the particles or ingested them, particularly when eating seafood.

There is not a lot of research into the long term effects, but it makes sense that ingesting or inhaling plastic particles cannot be good for our health.

We can reduce these risks by:

  • cutting down our use of plastic products and packaging
  • finding Eco friendly alternatives
  • keep existing plastic out of the environment by finding ways to reuse plastic waste

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The Tombag is a great Eco-Friendly solution to reducing plastic waste

The “Tombag “is a fantastic example of reusing plastic waste. This Australian company has designed and manufactured the reusable garbage bag. (Honestly it is so good, I wish I had thought of it!!)

Rubbish tips do not require our garbage to be placed into plastic bags for disposal. You can just throw your garbage straight into your outside bin, or if you don’t have roadside collection, you are able to just throw garbage from the Tombag straight into the rubbish dump.

(Obviously, you need to have it in a bag to be able to throw it into the bin, so the reusable plastic garbage bag is the answer!)

Its so easy to switch to reusable garbage bags

The Tombag is cleverly designed to make it easy to use, and easy to clean. You can put any type of kitchen or bathroom rubbish into the bag. You put it into your inside bins the same as normal plastic bin bags and it has a drawstring to adjust it firmly onto the bin. When the bag is full, you can take it to the outside bin or the rubbish tip, and using the handle on the base of the bag, it is easy to invert it for emptying without getting any of the rubbish on your hands!

Easy to use and easy to clean…if you want to go to the next level to eliminate single use plastic waste, Tom Bags are a no brainer!

Sizes and specifications

The bags come in large and small sizes. I use the large bag for the kitchen waste and have a small bag for the bathroom. It can be used for your general waste, recycling waste and as a compost bin liner.

You can use these bags for normal waste to dispose and also collect your recycling in a separate Tombag.  I am already separating different types of waste. I try to reduce the amount of food waste I am creating, and also compost my plant based waste.

The small Tombag reusable garbage bag is suitable for a small bin for any home or office. The small Tombag can also be used outdoors, including camping trips to keep your waste out of the environment.

The large Tombag reuseable garbage bag is suitable for medium to large kitchen bins.

Tombags are more expensive than normal garbage bags

You will need to invest more money to buy these bags as opposed to disposable garbage bags. A potential customer at an Eco-fest advised that she could buy 2 years worth of single use plastic garbage bags for the cost of one Tombag. She is totally missing the point. Is it worth creating another 2 years of plastic waste into the environment, rather than taking responsibility to stop using disposable plastic bags?

While it is true that single use plastic can be produced incredibly cheaply, that is 2 years worth of single use plastic bags being discarded into landfill. The ultimate cost to the environment and our health is astronomical.

The extra cost to purchase a Tombag more than pays for itself as it can be reused over and over again, and the manufacture of these bags is removing plastic waste from the environment. If you are truly committed to reducing your plastic waste, why would you continue to use single use plastic bags? I think the initial cost is well worth the investment.

I have reduced my use of single use plastics, so moving onto a reusable garbage bag was a no brainer.

Like anything new, it is always a little more costly to join in with new innovations, but I think it is totally worth it if you are really committed to reducing environmental waste. We should all be concerned about he amount of plastic waste already in the environment, and we can each commit to not adding to this problem and to be responsible to reduce our individual waste, especially single use plastic waste.

Save money – buy a Tombag bundle!

Tombags are available in two sizes. It is cheaper to buy a bundle. Normal prices are large at $58.00 each and small at $38.00 each.

Bundles save you 10% off the normal purchase price and you also get free postage!

Shop for Tombag bundles now


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