Tombag Bundle- 2 large & 2 small

Buy a Tombag bundle and save! This bundle has 2 large Tombags and 2 small Tombags to meet all your needs. Use the large Tombag for kitchen waste and recycling waste. The small Tombag is ideal for bathroom waste or for use in the office.

Buying these bags individually  would cost $192.00.

Save $25.00 with the bundle at only $167.00! and free postage!!




“Tom Bags” are a great Australian product made from certified GRS recycled plastic bottles.   A reusable garbage bag to replace single use bags at home and work will help reduce plastic waste.

If you have stopped using plastic shopping and produce bags, a reusable garbage bag is a logical next step. There is no requirement for garbage to be disposed of in plastic bags. The Tom Bag can be emptied straight into your rubbish bin for council collection or emptied at the local tip.

Tom Bags are easy to clean, just wipe down with a damp soapy cloth, use a hose to clean or drop into a washing machine for a quick cold wash.

They are waterproof, so no more leaking garbage bags!

User friendly design – handles assist to carry and empty; a double inner layer at the bag brim with a cord stopper allows to tighten around your bin rim and to close the bag when taking out the garbage.

Durable – no more torn garbage bags!

Product Details:  Small Dimensions: 48cm x 46cm / 19in x 18in Capacity: 18L / 5ga Weight: 250g / 8.8ozColour: Black

Large Dimensions: 60cm x 70cm / 19in x 18inCapacity: 35L  / 9gaWeight: 310g / 10.9ozColour: Black


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